Safe destinations on the Peruvian coast, highlands and rainforest

Dear traveler,

For over a year, we have dreamt of touring our country with you again, showing you all the places we want you to visit, photographing each breathtaking landscape, telling you all the stories of our culture, sharing with local people, and savoring all of Peru in our traditional dishes, true to our style: well served.

The time to do so has come. The gates of our borders await you with open arms. Our coast, mountains, and jungle are ready to make you live the most incredible experiences so you can enjoy them with all your senses and with the most significant safety by traveling with us.

At Peru Well Served, we follow the hygiene and safety measures and protocols established by the Ministry of Health of Peru (MINSA) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) to ensure that you have a worry-free trip.

Now that we can start planning our next trip together, we present to you our safest destinations. We consider them that way because they offer outdoor activities, are surrounded by nature, and have boutique hotels or private houses where you can stay safe.

1. North beaches

The beaches of northern Peru will captivate you with their beauty and are the ideal destination for those who want to spend a few days of pleasure in front of the sea. Its crystalline waters, its white sand, and the peaceful atmosphere breathed in each one, added to the warm treatment and the exquisite food, as fresh as its well-known waves for surf lovers. Trust us, there may be better beaches around the world, but there is no better dining experience than on our coast.

This destination is perfect for a short getaway -which we all need- or for contemplating an extended stay in which you can do telework completely relaxed by the sea.

The experience becomes paradisiacal when your private chef takes you on a gastronomic journey every day, enjoying the fully personalized attention and the best local ingredients.

Get cool under the Peruvian sun!


2. Chachapoyas

Located between the Andes and the jungle, it is a treasure of natural surprises. You will find the impressive Gocta waterfalls, the archaeological wonder of Kuélap, and its friendly people willing to make this trip an unforgettable memory.

Suppose you want to enjoy this destination to the fullest and in the safest way. In that case, we invite you to stay with us at the Gocta Natura Hotel. In this boutique accommodation, you will have a private stay. It has five cabins, all with a privileged view of the waterfall. They are currently accepting only two families or couples simultaneously to ensure a safe stay. Here you can enjoy direct contact with nature in a harmonious and exclusive habitat where your palate will be served with the extraordinary food of chef Matias Cilloniz. He prepares all his creations with his own ingredients, from the garden to your table.

Among the activities that await us are the walks to the Gocta waterfall, an archaeological excursion to Kuelap, a visit to the coffins of Karajia, and a tour of the beautiful Balconies of the city of Chachapoyas, all using private transport and guide. Just for you.

Visiting Gocta is an ideal getaway for couples or entire families, who will significantly enjoy the magic of the jungle and its exotic flora and fauna after being restricted for so long.


3. Valle Sagrado

This destination will allow you to understand why the Sacred Valley is really “sacred.” The ancient mystique is everywhere, and a unique energy is felt. In the villages of farmers and weavers, invariable ancestral customs and traditions coexist.

Its varied geography invites us to roam the most impressive and remote landscapes and practice adventure sports that will connect you with your most daring side. You will also be able to learn the Inca history in surreal archaeological sites.

The lodging is also part of the experience. We have boutique and private accommodation options where you can enjoy calm, security, and warmth. Just what you will need after a full day of the excursion.

This trip is for all tastes, we tailor it precisely to your needs, and we design the experience of your dreams. The local cuisine is comforting, tastes like home, and is made with a lot of love and history behind each dish and ingredients with a unique variety of tubers, corn, vegetables, grains, and more. Ingredients that you can only find in these lands and nowhere else globally since it is their unique habitat. For example, you will enjoy a pachamanca on the shore of a lagoon surrounded by snow-capped mountains, take a hike to a waterfall, meet a farmer who has transformed tuber into wine, and paraglide over the beautiful valley, or tour through it on a bike. And you will not be able to leave without visiting a wonder of the world: Machu Picchu, recently reopened, with limited capacity so you can have the whole ancient city for yourself.


And now you decide, where should we travel together? How difficult it is to choose one destination in such a vast and wonderful country. Ready to share our passion for Peru with? Let’s live these experiences together and create memories that will remain in your heart forever.

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