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April 2022

  When we created Peru Well Served, we not only thought of designing unique experiences for travelers, but also generating a positive impact on those around us. That's how our main purpose as an organization was born, creating itineraries with ethical values, where PWS travelers live many personalized experiences. With us you will learn about Peru’s culture, you will have unimaginable gastronomic moments and be part of a sustainable tourist activity because the life of our locals will improve and the ecosystem will be protected.  You want to know how

A lot of people would think that Cusco in peak season is only Machu Picchu, but this city has much more to offer; starting with the fact that it has so many incredibles places you might not discover in only one trip. This magical place, also known as the navel of the world, you will find unique spaces, unusual and imposing architecture and a variety of andean products that are part  of the creation of innovative dishes, based on ancestral recipes.  Also, the city of the Inca empires

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