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If you want to have a magical escape to one of the best beaches in Peru, this is the best season to travel! Mancora has beautiful beaches, exclusive culinary experiences of northern Peru and marine adventures that you don't want to miss. To enjoy all of that with your style, you can choose an accommodation that better fits your necessities, expectations and budget: it could be a private villa, a  luxury house with private chef service, or a boutique hotel that will give you a luxury experience in front

Still one of those with a back wall in Zoom video calls? How about the idea of ​​swapping that little desk chair for a comfortable hammock. At the end of your work meeting, you will have a splendid view of nature, you will enjoy different experiences with local people and, above all, you will enjoy the wide and delicious Peruvian cuisine that we know that you are dying to try. Let's work and travel with Peru Well Served! The Workation - which comes from the union of the words

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