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Peruvian cuisine it has been again highlighted and awarded. Peru has been awarded as the best culinary destination in the world by the awards The World Travel Awards (WTA) and Latin America's 50 best restaurants thanks to the hard teamwork of different restaurants and associations, which have shown that innovation and tradition can work together, when talking about Peruvian food. That great fusion of the traditional, agro-diversity and cultural diversity and history, have taken our gastronomy to the top in the different international competitions this year.     Let's remember together the awards

Peru is a country of fusion: from the most subtle, such as its traditions and small family rituals, to the most obvious, such as its artistic expressions and, of course, its food. The latter is the one that is receiving more and more attention from the whole world, turning our country into one of the biggest culinary references today. And if there is something as much or more interesting than the characteristics of our contemporary gastronomy, it is to know the path that it has followed to get

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