Founded in 1532 by the Spanish colony as “The City of Kings”. Our favorite thing about Lima: it is the point where all of Peru’s gastronomy converges. All the flavors are HERE. It overflows with history and culture. It is the political, financial, cultural and commercial centre of Peru. You may travel in time to the oldest neighborhoods in the Americas, marvel at their colonial architecture and have the most delicious meals by the pacific ocean.

Gastronomic experiences that you can include in your personalized journey:

– Explore the fishing terminal and markets to gather the necessary supplies for your private cooking class.
– Eat at “huariques”: neighborhood eateries and popular “holes in the wall” where eating is a unique experience enjoyed and cherished by locals.
– Enjoy exclusive tasting menus reserved for our Well Served guests in renowned restaurants.
– Learn to prepare different Pisco-based cocktails, including the iconic Pisco Sour.

Other amazing activities to do in Lima:

– Visit the Historic Center of the city.
– Explore the city’s bohemian district and its best street food spots.
– Tour Callao Monumental, a picturesque area that has become a benchmark for urban rehabilitation through street art. Art galleries and a rich gastronomic offer complement the place.
– Sail the coast of Lima while you learn how to make a ceviche and Pisco sour. All aboard!

The capital of the Incan empire and nest of the Quechua culture that dates to the early civilizations of humanity. A unique cuisine arises from the combination of ancient sacred techniques with modern knowledge and ingredients from the 3 Peruvian regions. Submerge yourself in a different world where the perception of reality and time changes. Here we learn to accept not everything should be deciphered or understood but contemplated and loved as we surrender in awe. 

Gastronomic experiences that you can include in your personalized journey:

– Savor the roots of the Andean culture with a Pachamanca (ancient underground cooking technique).
– Harvest directly from an organic garden and then use the ingredients at lunch with a view of the archaeological complex of Ollantaytambo.
– Explore markets to know our local superfoods, exotic fruits, a variety of tubers, herbs, etc.
– Visit distilleries and craft breweries, organic gardens and coffee plantations in Cusco.

Other amazing activities to do in Cusco:

– Hike through the archaeological sanctuary and world wonder: Machu Picchu.
– Get to know the salt mines of Maras and the archaeological center of Moray mounted on a quad bike.
– Learn the Andean textile techniques of the town of Chincheros.
– Explore the Sacred Valley of Urubamba by bike and other adventure activities.

Known as “the white city” because of the color of stone used to build it, sillar. Arequipa rests next to a volcano as the second largest city in Perú. Besides its inherent urban appeal and beauty, it is a gastronomic power with signature dishes therefore a must stop for food and high end cuisine lovers. Away from the city in the Colca Valley we find the Colca canyon, the deepest in the world with more than 4 kilometers deep. Perfect for adventurers with a curious palate. 

Gastronomic experiences that you can include in your personalized journey:

–  Traditional “picanterías” route with a local foodie.
– Visit local markets to know and taste the typical ingredients of this region.
– Try pisco based cocktails on a beautiful terrace overlooking the square and the imposing Arequipenean Cathedral.

Other amazing activities to do in Arequipa:

– See the incredible flight of the Andean Condor in the Colca Canyon.
– Tour the city, its beautiful churches and visit the famous Santa Catalina Monastery.

The grandiosity of the desert meets a vast mass of complementary color: the ocean. Spend a beach day right in between the two, enjoy a cocktail, a perfect meal at a 5 star hotel or right in the middle of the desert. Learn about our local wines on traditional vineyards’ tasting tours, go all out with the variety of water sports available, explore the dunes on a dune buggy driven by professionals or fly over the mysterious Nazca lines. A perfect isolated paradise.

Gastronomic experiences that you can include in your personalized journey:

– Taste excellent Pisco and Peruvian wines at the vineyards that produce them
– Dive in the Paracas bay and fish fresh shells for lunch.
– Enjoy a sunset picnic in the middle of the desert dunes or shore.

Other amazing activities to do in Ica:

– Fly over the massive and mysterious Nazca Lines
– Learn Kite Surfing under professionals in the bay of Paracas
– Discover the marine fauna of the Ballestas Islands by boat