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Trendy Lima

Trendy Lima

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This selection of restaurants has been curated to meet the following criteria: excellence in quality and flavor, presence in the list of top restaurants in Latin America and the world, popularity, “coolness,” and sophistication.

Itinerary summary:

Day 1:

You will arrive at Lima and check in your hotel.

Day 2:

The day will start with breakfast in an avant-garde bakery specialized in ancient fermentation processes. Then, you will stroll through Miraflores to a shopping center embedded next to the cliff. You will have lunch at one of the best seafood restaurants in Latin America and, after a free afternoon, you will taste the best of Nikkei cuisine in a luxury menu specially designed for PWS travelers.

Day 3:

This lunch celebrates traditional Peruvian flavors and elevates them to world-renowned culinary levels. A much-needed stroll through Barranco follows. Home to the most prestigious art galleries, cultural bars, and live music venues, this district keeps the beautiful early 20th-century architecture almost intact in its cliffside neighborhoods. You will end the day in one of the most famous restaurants in the world known for its innovation in ecosystem cuisine, tasting ingredients that we are sure you have never tried (or heard) before.

Day 4:

You will close your stay in Lima with brunch at a butcher shop renowned for its exclusive aging techniques that give the meat a superior flavor.
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Tour Plan


Day 1:

Arrival to Lima

You will be transferred to your private apartment.

Day 2:

Artisanal bakery

The day begins with an excellent breakfast in an avant-garde bakery: a modern space focused on ancient fermentation processes.

Stroll through Miraflores

Then, you will stroll along the Miraflores boardwalk, enjoying the view of the bay of Lima towards a shopping center that is embedded next to the cliff, with a privileged view. Our local host can advise and accompany you to visit different museums according to your preferences, upon request.

Marine lunch

We will stop at an exceptional seafood restaurant created by one of the most renowned Peruvian chefs in Latin America. The design and atmosphere reflect the Peruvian gastronomic customs with a strong touch of sophistication.

Nikkei dinner

To top off this day, you will enjoy dinner at another top restaurant in Latin America specialized in Nikkei cuisine, the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food. A menu specially designed for PWS travelers will reinvent your palates.

Day 3:

Creole lunch

This experience takes place at a restaurant that pays tribute to the spirit and flavors of the taverns of yesteryear, to that Peruvian home cooking, and to the recipes forgotten in old notebooks that are raised to culinary levels now recognized throughout the world. In a relaxed, cozy atmosphere, you will taste some of the most traditional Peruvian dishes in well-served portions that are meant to be shared.

Bohemian district

Later, you will visit Barranco: the heart of bohemian culture in Lima. Home to the most prestigious art galleries, cultural bars, and live music venues, this district keeps the gorgeous architecture from the last years of the XIX century in its neighborhoods next to the cliffs, facing the Pacific ocean.

Dinner of the heights

Finally, you will dine in one of the most famous restaurants in the world, known for its concept and innovation in terms of cuisine by ecosystems and altitudes. This tasting menu includes ingredients that we bet you have never tried (or heard) before.

Day 4:

Carnivore brunch

The journey ends with a brunch in a butcher shop renowned in Latin America for its exclusive aging techniques that give the meat a superior flavor. Definitely a carnivore’s paradise. At the proper time, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back home.
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