We are the first tourism agency specialized in gastronomic trips. We invite you to tour Peru with us, one dish at a time.

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Why travel with us?


The phrase “well served” for us Peruvians has a special meaning: the typical generosity of homemade portions and the love -equivalent in size- with which they are served. For us, food is a celebration of relationships and life. We want to share it with you.

We are travel consultants specialized in gastronomic adventures and we propose a different way to discover Peru: a cultural immersion through the kitchen that we are so proud of.

Gastronomic tourism leaves a very important positive impact on destinations, since it involves a large number of people: from farmers, producers, cooks, restaurants, guides, hoteliers, and more. This is what motivates us most about our work, as it allows us to support local communities and entrepreneurs while creating unique, memorable and safe trips for you.

Why traveling with us is a great decision?

food experience

We will design something unique for you

We design your ideal trip together with you, combining our expertise and suggestions with your travel style.


You will get to know Peruvian gastronomy in a comprehensive way

With us, you'll sample from internationally recognized restaurants to quaint neighborhood favorites. You will meet artisan producers and learn to cook with locals.


You will feel like a local

Peru is not Peru without Peruvians. A member of our team will accompany you during your trip, allowing you to live a safer and more lively local experience.


Your trip will have a positive impact

By traveling with PWS, you will be planting a tree in the Peruvian Amazon that buffers the environmental impact of your experience. You will also be collaborating with the feeding of children in areas of extreme poverty.

Our history

From a very young age it has been natural for us to warmly welcome visiting friends from different parts of the world. We are passionate about taking you to the best places to eat and visit, and have an unforgettable time.

We have traveled Peru, discovering incredible places and meeting people who really won our hearts. After many years of traveling – and eating – out of passion, we decided to make it our job.

This is how Peru Well Served was born, from the desire to share with you our love for Peru, its incredible gastronomy and give you the opportunity to connect with local people, combining years of experience, national prestige and the authentic personality that characterizes us.

Committed to generating a positive impact

child nutrition

Child nutrition

A portion of our proceeds will go to a fund dedicated to supplying soup kitchens in extremely poor communities where we work in partnership with a local NGO partner. Join us in this search for well-being and defense of dignity for those in need.

Carbon footprint cushioning

To reduce the environmental impact of travel, we collaborate with the We Reforest by Nature campaign, which consists of planting a tree in the rainforest. You will receive a certificate with the information and coordinates of the tree you have adopted.

Fair Trade

We make sure that everyone involved in our authoring experiences receives fair compensation. Products or services that we know come from illegal activities such as deforestation and human exploitation are prohibited on our itineraries.

Meet the team

alexia harten

Alexia harten

Co-founder & General Manager

luciano canella

Luciano Canella


lucia calmell del solar

Lucia Calmell del Solar

Chef & Host

sathya escalante

Sathya Escalante

Chef & Host

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