We are the first tourism agency specialized in gastronomic trips. We invite you to tour Peru with us, one dish at a time.

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Diseñados por expertos para disfrutar al máximo de la diversidad cultural y las experiencias culinarias del Perú, de manera exclusiva y segura. ¡Personalízalos para que se ajusten perfectamente a tu estilo!


We will design something unique for you

food experience

You will get to know Peruvian gastronomy in a comprehensive way


You will feel like a local


Your trip will have a positive impact

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Everything you have to know about the destinations you will visit with us

We are local experts

we will take you to the places that you cannot miss in our country.

We are a team passionate about the peruvian culture, its gastronomy and sharing memorable experiences that make us connect in an authentic way.

We are travel designers who become your local friends so that you can live a real immersion in Peru.


¡Descubre experiencias, tradiciones e historias!
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