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The capital of the Inca empire and the nest of the Quechua culture that dates back to the primitive civilizations of humanity. A unique cuisine arises from the combination of ancient sacred techniques with modern knowledge and ingredients from the 3 Peruvian regions. Immerse yourself in a different world where the perception of reality and time changes. Here we learn to accept that not everything must be deciphered or understood, but contemplated and loved surrendering in amazement.

Gastronomic experiences that you can include in your personalized journey

• Savor the roots of the Andean culture with a Pachamanca
• Harvest the inputs of an organic garden and then use them in a lunch with a view of the archaeological complex of Ollantaytambo.
• Explore markets to know our local “Superfoods”, exotic fruits, a great variety of tubers, herbs, etc.
• Visit distilleries and craft breweries, organic gardens and Cusco coffee plantations.


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Other fantastic activities to do in Cusco

• Tour the wonder of the world and archaeological sanctuary: Machu Picchu
• Get to know the salt mines of Maras and the archaeological center of Moray riding an electric bicycle
• Learn Andean textile techniques in the town of Chincheros
• Explore the Sacred Valley of Urubamba by bicycle and other adventure activities


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Important information about Cusco



Cusco City: 3,400 m.a.s.l. / 11,155 f.a.s.l.

Sacred Valley: 2,800 m.a.s.l. / 9,190 f.a.s.l.

Machu Picchu:  2,430 m.a.s.l. / 7,970 f.a.s.l.


Average climate

The temperature in Cusco is mild year-round. From December to March it’s rainy rarely exceeding the 20°C , and from May through September it’s dry and chilly, being 7 ° C the minimum temperature.


Health & Precautions

You should maintain a light diet before arriving in Cusco and until you get used to the height, which is normally by the end of the first day. Remember to stay hydrated and consume drinks with electrolytes (or infusions like mint or coca) for long walks or trekking routes. We suggest measuring alcohol consumption.

It is important to wear sunscreen as radiation is very high in the Andes. We also highly recommend wearing insect repellent, especially if you have allergies to insect bites when visiting Machu Picchu.



Traditional cooking techniques are what characterize Cusco’s gastronomy. Regional ingredients such as potatoes, quinoa and various types of meat are the base for famous dishes like Cuy Chactado, Pachamanca and Chairo soup.


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