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Known as “the white city” for the color of the stone used to build it, ashlar. Arequipa rests next to a volcano as the second largest city in Peru. In addition to its inherent urban appeal and beauty, it is a gastronomic powerhouse with signature dishes, making it a must-see for foodies and haute cuisine lovers. Far from the city in the Colca valley we find the Colca canyon, the deepest in the world with more than 4 kilometers deep. Perfect for adventurers with a curious palate.

Gastronomic experiences that you can include in your personalized trip

• Visit the traditional “picanterías” with the help of a local foodie
• Visit the local markets to know and taste the typical inputs of this region
• Enjoy pisco-based cocktails on a beautiful terrace overlooking the square and the imposing Arequipa Cathedral

picanteria cacao arquitectura

Other fantastic activities to do in Arequipa

• See the amazing flight of the Andean Condor in the Colca Canyon
• Tour the city, its beautiful churches and visit the famous Santa Catalina Monastery

condor experiencia-arequipa cirqa


Important information about Arequipa


Arequipa City: 2,335 m.a.s.l. / 7,660 f.a.s.l.

Colca Canyon: 3,635 m.a.s.l. / 11,925 f.a.s.l.



Arequipa’s gastronomy is popular for being one of the most diverse and tasty from the whole country, with more than 190 typical dishes! Picanterias and farms are the best places to taste Caldos, Adobos and many other delicacies.

Keep in mind that there is a shrimp ban from December to March, so dishes containing it (such as Chupe de Camarones) will not be available.


Average climate

October is the month with the highest temperature, approximately 23°C, and the lowest temperature occurs in the month of July with around 6°C. It rains with greater intensity in the month of February.


Health & Precautions

You should maintain a light diet before arriving at Arequipa and until you get used to the height, which is normally by the end of the first day. Remember to stay hydrated and consume drinks with electrolytes (or infusions like mint or coca) for long walks or trekking routes. We suggest measuring alcohol consumption.


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