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Founded in 1532 by the Spanish colony as “The City of the Viceroys”. What we like the most about Lima is its position as a point of convergence for all Peruvian gastronomy. All the flavors are HERE. It is overflowing with history and culture. It is the political, financial, cultural and commercial center of Peru. In Lima you can travel back in time to the oldest neighborhoods in the Americas, admire their colonial architecture and enjoy the most delicious meals in the Pacific Ocean.


Gastronomic experiences that you can include in your personalized trip

• Explore fishing terminals and markets and buy supplies for your private cooking class
• Eating in “huariques”: popular neighborhood restaurants where eating is a unique experience that the locals enjoy and appreciate.
• Enjoy exclusive tasting menus for Well Served travelers in renowned restaurants
• Learn to prepare different cocktails based on Pisco, including the iconic Pisco Sour

marino lomo saltado isolina cooking class

Other fantastic activities to do in Lima

• Visit the Historic Center of the city
• Explore the city’s bohemian district and its best street food “spots”
• Visit Monumental Callao, a picturesque area that has become a benchmark for urban rehabilitation through street art. Art galleries and a rich gastronomic offer complement the place
• Navigate the Lima coast while you learn to prepare a ceviche and a pisco sour

centro de lima callao monumental experience lima


Important information about Lima


160 m.a.s.l. / 525 f.a.s.l.



Lima’s cuisine combines the millenary prehispanic inheritance and the external influences, such as the Spanish and Chinese, and gives us delicious “criollo” dishes such as Ceviche, Causa, Lomo Saltado and Picarones.


Average climate

The temperatures in Lima are warm and humid, without the excessive heat of the tropical zones. The maximums usually occur during the month of February and rarely exceed 30ºC. The minimums occur during the winter months (June – September) and tend to be around 12ºC.


Health & Precautions

Keep in mind that Peruvian dishes, especially marine food, is sometimes heavily seasoned or spicy, so if you have a sensitive stomach or are not used to strong flavors, be mindful of what you order throughout your stay in Lima.



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