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If you don't know about Lima in summer yet, this is the perfect opportunity to discover the peruvian culture in one of the best seasons. You will enjoy the perfect warm weather, the coasts ocean, seasonal cocktails, unique experiences in the city and of course a delicious peruvian ceviche. What makes this summer peak season so charming? One of the most  incredible experiences in Lima, is to have a panoramic view of the coast while you enjoy a delicious sea food plate with fresh products and a pisco sour, on

Peruvian cuisine it has been again highlighted and awarded. Peru has been awarded as the best culinary destination in the world by the awards The World Travel Awards (WTA) and Latin America's 50 best restaurants thanks to the hard teamwork of different restaurants and associations, which have shown that innovation and tradition can work together, when talking about Peruvian food. That great fusion of the traditional, agro-diversity and cultural diversity and history, have taken our gastronomy to the top in the different international competitions this year.     Let's remember together the awards

The environmental impact generated by the textile industry is extremely damaging to the sustainability of the planet and more and more globally recognized brands belong to the category of fast fashion (weekly trend clothing with low quality without environmental awareness). In Peru, few are the brands that really commit to making a significant difference in environmental impact, one that offers fair trade, generates a cushioning in the carbon footprint and maintains a real commitment to the environment, in short, everything that which allows a balance between society and

When it comes to food, being in Peru is the perfect location to enjoy this particular thing. One of the favorite gastronomic destinations of travelers is Cusco. In this wonderful Inca city, you can find many options for all tastes and budgets. Today we’re taking you on a digital tour of our 5 favorite “fine dining” restaurants with local food. The ingredients and styles may vary, but every single dish is made with a lot of love and the millenary stamp of the most important recipes of Peruvian

Traveling is an adventure that allows you to connect with other people and their cultures. Get to know new points of view through landscapes, traditions, stories, gastronomy, and more. Traveling is a time that invites you to be a nomad and get out of your comfort zone to explore a new home for a few days. This space is as important as the entire travel itinerary, that is why for lovers of a luxury hotel experience we present our top 5 of the best accommodations in Cusco. These

Still one of those with a back wall in Zoom video calls? How about the idea of ​​swapping that little desk chair for a comfortable hammock. At the end of your work meeting, you will have a splendid view of nature, you will enjoy different experiences with local people and, above all, you will enjoy the wide and delicious Peruvian cuisine that we know that you are dying to try. Let's work and travel with Peru Well Served! The Workation - which comes from the union of the words

It's time for adventure! The Inca Trail in Cusco is back and we know the best route for you to live this wonderful experience, surrounded by spectacular landscapes. What do I need to know about the Inca Trail? During the Inca empire, these roads were used by the ancients to reach the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. This path offers the possibility of finding innumerable constructions that combined with nature give you an integral vision of the greatness and importance that this route had. What is the "Express" service? Our

Travel has the power to generate a positive impact on travelers' lives through transcendent experiences and memories. They also have the opportunity to positively transform the destinations and lives of the people who receive them. For us, each experience is an opportunity to share our cultures and exchange ways of seeing the world. Travel also has the power to destroy or conserve our environment, depends on how careful we are.   Next, we will tell you how we care that our trips are sustainable and generate the greatest impact on

Dear traveler,  For more than a year we have dreamed of touring our country with you again. Also, photographing each landscape that will take your breath away, telling you all the stories of our culture, and more. The time to do so has come. The gates of our borders await you with open arms. Generally, our  mountains and jungle are ready to make you live the most incredible experience that you can enjoy with all your senses and with the greatest safety. At Peru Well Served we follow the hygiene and

Last update: August 20, 2021 Traveling through Peru is a wonderful experience, full of amazing landscapes, culture, nature and incomparable gastronomy. Perhaps you were wondering if it is safe to travel to Peru during the pandemic. At Peru Well Served we are committed to the health of our travelers and we seek to provide safe options for an unforgettable trip. Find out about all the necessary information to travel to Peru during COVID. Peru already has the “Safe Travels” seal granted by the World Travel & Tourism Council for destinations

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