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Immerse yourselves into the Peruvian jungle with our unique itineraries and discover the incredible places and activities this ecosystem has to offer. The Peruvian rainforest is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, but it is rapidly being destroyed by human activity. Because of this, we are proud to say that all of our trips contribute to sustainability either with the ecosystem or the local communities.

The Inti Raymi is considered one of the most important festivities in the city of Cusco, as it represents how the Inca Empire was inextricably connected with nature, as well as its ancestral ceremonies. Prepare yourselves to experience an immersive adventure full of culture and tradition by booking this unique experience with Peru Well Served.  As mentioned, the Inti Raymi is an emblematic Peruvian festival celebrated in Cusco every year during the winter solstice in June. Do you want to experience all the cultural traditions of the Inca festivities?

  When we created Peru Well Served, we not only thought of designing unique experiences for travelers, but also generating a positive impact on those around us. That's how our main purpose as an organization was born, creating itineraries with ethical values, where PWS travelers live many personalized experiences. With us you will learn about Peru’s culture, you will have unimaginable gastronomic moments and be part of a sustainable tourist activity because the life of our locals will improve and the ecosystem will be protected.  You want to know how

A lot of people would think that Cusco in peak season is only Machu Picchu, but this city has much more to offer; starting with the fact that it has so many incredibles places you might not discover in only one trip. This magical place, also known as the navel of the world, you will find unique spaces, unusual and imposing architecture and a variety of andean products that are part  of the creation of innovative dishes, based on ancestral recipes.  Also, the city of the Inca empires

If you want to have a magical escape to one of the best beaches in Peru, this is the best season to travel! Mancora has beautiful beaches, exclusive culinary experiences of northern Peru and marine adventures that you don't want to miss. To enjoy all of that with your style, you can choose an accommodation that better fits your necessities, expectations and budget: it could be a private villa, a  luxury house with private chef service, or a boutique hotel that will give you a luxury experience in front

Did you know that Ica’s city is the perfect place to have a getaway? It is located in the south of Lima and known as the city of the everlasting sun. A unique peruvian desert, beautiful beaches, joyful vineyards and amazing food; Ica has everything. No matter your style as a traveler, there's not doubt that you are going to find incredible experiences in Ica: like flying around the Nazca lines, having a pisco tasting in the oldest distillery of America, enjoying a wonderful sunset while sandboarding or

If you don't know about Lima in summer yet, this is the perfect opportunity to discover the peruvian culture in one of the best seasons. You will enjoy the perfect warm weather, the coasts ocean, seasonal cocktails, unique experiences in the city and of course a delicious peruvian ceviche. What makes this summer peak season so charming? One of the most  incredible experiences in Lima, is to have a panoramic view of the coast while you enjoy a delicious sea food plate with fresh products and a pisco sour, on

Peruvian cuisine it has been again highlighted and awarded. Peru has been awarded as the best culinary destination in the world by the awards The World Travel Awards (WTA) and Latin America's 50 best restaurants thanks to the hard teamwork of different restaurants and associations, which have shown that innovation and tradition can work together, when talking about Peruvian food. That great fusion of the traditional, agro-diversity and cultural diversity and history, have taken our gastronomy to the top in the different international competitions this year.     Let's remember together the awards

The environmental impact generated by the textile industry is extremely damaging to the sustainability of the planet and more and more globally recognized brands belong to the category of fast fashion (weekly trend clothing with low quality without environmental awareness). In Peru, few are the brands that really commit to making a significant difference in environmental impact, one that offers fair trade, generates a cushioning in the carbon footprint and maintains a real commitment to the environment, in short, everything that which allows a balance between society and

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