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Top 5 of luxury accommodations in Mancora for a getaway

If you want to have a magical escape to one of the best beaches in Peru, this is the best season to travel! Mancora has beautiful beaches, exclusive culinary experiences of northern Peru and marine adventures that you don’t want to miss.

To enjoy all of that with your style, you can choose an accommodation that better fits your necessities, expectations and budget: it could be a private villa, a luxury house with private chef service, or a boutique hotel that will give you a luxury experience in front of the ocean.

Private houses

1. Adobe Mancora

Fully furnished houses are perfect to have an absolute rest and a privileged view in front of the ocean. There is no doubt that it is a perfect option to share with family, because it has a capacity of 10 people. Also, if you rent a house it could include food services (from 8 am to 5 pm) and full cleaning services.


2. Villas Adobe Mancora

If this trip is with your partner, this option is perfect for you. Sometimes we don’t need to have a full house but also we don’t want to stay in a hotel, right? These villas are located next to the adobe houses and are little houses in front of the ocean for 2 people. It has king size beds, an ac, a mini fridge and a balcony that you will enjoy.



3. Casa Lino Mancora

If you are thinking about traveling with friends or you have an extensive family, CasaLino would be the best option. It has a maximum capacity of 14 people, an amazing pool in front of the ocean and big spaces to share with your family. Also, if you are looking for an exclusive culinary experience, this house has a personal chef that will serve you for your entire stay. You could taste and learn how to cook different dishes, adding to your trip the gastronomic characteristics we are known for. The chef and their assistant will be in charge of grocery shopping with the freshest products that they will find in the local markets, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

All of the Peru Well Served team is focused on giving you a unique and personalized experience, while also helping local businesses be part of a value chain with a positive impact. It is important to us that you know that your stay is helping small local businesses.

Boutiques hotels

1. KiChic

A boutique hotel with rooms built with materials from the local area and adapted to the natural environment. Each and every room has a unique and distinct personality. Also, they offer different relaxation areas, yoga classes, and private movie services in front of the ocean. Take into consideration that this hotel is for people older than 14 years old. Therefore, it is perfect for an escape between friends or couples.


2. Arennas Mancora

If you are looking to travel and enjoy time with your family, we have the perfect option for you! A beautiful hotel between palm trees and ocean view. In this paradise you could enjoy the best peruvian spirits, authentic northern peruvian food and beautiful sunsets in front of the ocean. This hotel allows kids older than 12 years and has a gourmet restaurant to live and luxury culinary experience.

Did you choose your favorite option? Now we will share with you what experiences you could have in this magical escape.

If what you want are outdoor or adventurous experiences, you could have private classes of kitesurfing, paddle boarding or swimming with marine turtles. On the other hand, we have saltwater fishing experiences, a unique adventure in the open ocean, with the company of 3 local sailors in a private boat. For the lovers of scuba diving, we have immersive one to three day courses that will allow you to have a PADI license. This experience under the water will allow you to discover the wide diversity of our Peruvian ocean.

These are only some of the ideas that we can offer you as your next escape to the beaches of Mancora. Can you imagine what we could create together if we designed a utterly personalized and exclusive trip for you? If you want to chat with one of our trip designers, you can schedule a call and start designing your next adventure in the north of Peru.

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