4 unique experiences in the peruvian desert

4 unique experiences in the peruvian desert

Did you know that Ica’s city is the perfect place to have a getaway? It is located in the south of Lima and known as the city of the everlasting sun. A unique desert, beautiful beaches, joyful vineyards and amazing food; Ica has everything. No matter your style as a traveler, there’s not doubt that you are going to find incredible experiences in Ica: like flying around the Nazca lines, having a pisco tasting in the oldest distillery of America, enjoying a wonderful sunset while sandboarding or walking around the beautiful vineyard with a cup of wine in hand.

We want to show you that Ica is not only recognized because of their dunes or their casonas that show an architecture full of tradition and culture, but also because of the different immersive activities that you will enjoy with local experts.

With them we have designed different, unique and personalized experiences for all types of travelers that will ensure an unforgettable stay in the special destination that is the peruvian desert.

Are you ready? Here, we are going to tell you some experiences that we have in Ica if you are interested in this wonderful destination.
If you like adventure in the sky heights adventures, we invite you to discover the mysteries of our ancestral cultures that are part of a true show from above without a doubt this option will be your favorite.

  • Fly over the Nazca lines

In this route you start the day flying over the cultural heritage of the Nazca lines, these are a real mystery because no one knows who created them and what their purpose is. There are myths that the locals can tell you. When the flight is over, you will visit a famous pisco winery to learn their story, enjoy a delicious lunch and watch a caballo de paso show that will make your culinary experience unforgettable. Finally, you will participate in an exclusive tasting of the 5 most awarded pisco of the winery guided by a pisco specialist.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person that loves to find your own ingredients to cook, we have an incredible adventure inside the open ocean that will allow you to admire our ecosystem from another perspective.

  • Knowing and collecting authentic conchas de abanico

We will start the morning in the Paracas National Reserve, where we will go in a boat for an immersive experience, visiting a farm of seashells in the bay. There you will learn about the exact process of farming, explained by the locals fishers. After collecting your own conchas de abanico, we will go back to the shore to cook them and enjoy the freshest scallops you will ever try.

Finally, if your passion is adrenaline, adventure sports and sunsets, these experiences are perfect for you.

  • Adventure in the desert

In this adventurous experience we will explore the desert in a dune buggy before sunset. We’ll make a stop on one of the dunes to slide on sandboards (with all the safety equipment) and enjoy a shot of adrenaline filled fun. Later, on the top of another dune, our hut will be waiting for us with an amazing panoramic view, where we will appreciate the sunset surrounded by the deep silence of the peruvian desert. We will enjoy the moment with a glass of wine or champagne to make it truly unforgettable.

All our trips and experiences are designed by a team of locals experts that will ensure that you know all the culinary and cultural diversity. Also, our country has safety protocols made by the government, so you will enjoy your personalized and safe experience.

Are you fascinated by all you just read? Remember, if you want to know more about our experiences and tailor-made trips, you can book a call and start planning your next adventure in Peru with us.

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