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6 steps in how to organize a trip

Peru is a beautiful country, full of culture, unforgettable gastronomic experiences and incredibles places that will, without a doubt, fill you with joy. If you are looking for the perfect mix of food and place, you are definitely looking in the right direction. But if that’s not your case, we hope this blog will help you as a guide to other destinations of your preference.

In this opportunity, we focus on helping you to plan your trip stress-free  from the beginning. The following PWS tips will help you plan your next trip to Peru, or any destination for that matter! So, are you ready to start designing your trip?

Our team tips

1. Define the number of days

To start your Peruvian journey, it is very important that you define the length of your stay in order for us to organize and choose the places you want to visit according to your itinerary.

If you are planning to travel to Peru and your stay is short, we recommend you visit Lima first. At PWS, we will accompany you and make you feel as a local. We can complement your stay at the capital with a short trip to the desert of Ica. There, we can explore the desert and view the nazca lines, enjoying an immersive experience and trying our emblematic conchas de abanico together with the locals. We can finish the escape by visiting wine ranches and tasting out different varieties of pisco.  

On the other hand, if your stay is longer, Cusco is a destination you cannot miss. Check out our TOP 5 restaurantes and a blog post on how to prepare to go to Machu Picchu so you could have a better experience in one of the wonders of the world.

2. Define the destinations you would want to visit

Once you have organized all your days of the trip, we recommend making a list of the key-destinations you would like to visit or activities you are interested in doing. Then, search each destination or activity on a map and organize the time of your stay on each one. This is an important point that will help you choose your ideal destination and help you distribute your time efficiently.  

At PWS, our itinerary experts will help you perfect this part of the process. We will happily help you optimize your time with our advice and personalized itineraries that contain unique experiences for all types of travelers.

3. Identify the things that you like

This part is the most fun! You just need to identify the type of traveler you are and what experiences you would like to live or experience for the first time, so you could choose the best option from your personalized list.

In case you are an adventure traveler, luxury traveler, an innate foodie or you just want to try the best culinary experience of each city, Peru Well Served will always have the perfect alternative for you. We have every type of experience at every place in Peru. Try something new and choose to discover a new and different experience with us, our team will be ready to help you at any moment and make an itinerary totally personalized for you.

4. Keep in mind the weather and seasons

Which is the best moment to travel? At this point of your planning, it is important to know when peak and lower seasons are. This information is very important as it will determine the dates you’d wish to go based on the places and activities you have found. If some dates are to be changed, this would be the right time to do so.

Peru has the advantage of being a place with great weather, especially on the coast. We recommend choosing the warmest seasons on the coast, so you could enjoy our summer in the best northern beaches, such as Mancora where you could enjoy watersports and luxury hotels.

On the other hand, if you want to visit Cusco and plan on visiting Machu Picchu, we recommend going between the months of April and October since it is not the rainy season. Also, during June the city celebrates a special festival: The Inti Raymi. An incredible show that reflects the culture and traditions of our incaico empire. If you want to know about that festivitie, we have a blog where we give you a closer look about this ancestral celebration.

5. Define a budget

Having a budget for your trip is very important as it allows us to not overspend money and enjoy every dollar allocated to the trip.

  • Assign a special budget to travel tickets and hotel reservations.
  • Remember to allocate a travel grant for extras purchases (souvenirs, local food, theistic places tickets, etc.)
  • Have in mind the cost of private or public transportation. 

One of the benefits of traveling with a travel agency is that they help you with all the organization of the journey, which gives you a detailed plan according to your budget. In our case, we make sure to design a custom trip for you, having in mind different options of budget so you can choose the best option without having to compromise. We offer various unique activities; from workshops with local producers, to experiencing dining as a luxury experience in one of the most awarded peruvian restaurants in the world. 

6. Choose the way of traveling 

It is important to decide if you want to travel solo, discover new places and experiences, or if you’d wish to delegate such tasks to a travel agency. Both options are available to you. However, our local team highly recommends the use of a personalized agency in order to save time, money, and options. Agencies will help you have a  better panorama of options, and define what you really want to discover and how you want to do it. 

Our country has a lot of cultural patrimony that hasn’t been discovered and some people don’t want to deal with restrictions, long journeys, and sudden problems that arise from certain situations. At PWS, we handle every detail so you can enjoy your trip stress-free.

If you want to start an adventure with or without us, feel free to ask us about a destination or experience you’re interested in. Our team will happily help you with any questions you have so that you can have the best journey in Peru. 

We hope we get to be part of your adventures in Peru and create memorable experiences with us. As an agency, our main objective is to maximize your time and experiences in our country, because traveling with locals is the best way to travel! 

Travel with us and discover the best experts in custom journeys, book a call from our website or social media, to begin planning your next adventure with us.

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