Journeys with purpose: traveling with Peru Well Served you will leave a positive impact on the planet

Journeys with purpose: traveling with Peru Well Served you will leave a positive impact on the planet

When we created Peru Well Served, not only we thought of designing unique experiences for travelers, but also to generate a positive impact on our surroundings. That’s how our main purpose as an organization was born, creating itineraries with ethics values, where PWS travelers live many personalized experiences. With us you will learn about the peruvian culture, you will have unthinkable gastronomic moments and it would be part of a tourist sustainable activity, because the life of our locals will improve and the ecosystem will be protected.

You want to know how your trip has a positive impact in our country?
We think about little actions that make big changes , that’s why all our itineraries contributed to the value chain in small businesses, locals, surroundings, specialized guides and artisans. All based on our 3 mainstay: travel with locals, sustainability, personalization and gastronomic focus. 

Respecting the pachamama

Our objective is to design outdoor experiences that promote activities without carbon emission, such as walkins, bicycle trips, peruvian festivals shows, botes adventures and more activities where we live together with nature in a friendly way, while we learn about diversity and tradition of this beautiful country.   

Because of that, for us it’s important to create itineraries especially designed to make a unique and memorable cultural experience, respecting our surroundings and reducing carbon emission. To achieve this objective, we work together with the project “Reforestando por naturaleza” which plants a tree with the name of the traveler in the peruvian amazon. With this action we will help to preserve  the peruvina jungle, every time that you travel with us. Also we will give you a certificate with all the information of this and the grid references of the planted tree, so you could visit it on your next trip. 

Give is recibe 

All our team of Peru Well Served are involved in each of our itineraries, so they can design experiences that fulfill the expectations of our travelers and at the same time contribute something to the society.  That’s why all our itineraries donate a part of the cost of the experience to the infant community kitchen, helping to fight malnutrition in Peru. 

Meet and value  all the people involved 

We want you to know all the people involved inside of our dishes production chain that you will enjoy with us. That’s why we do trips inside local markets and agricultural communities, so you can notice the positive impact of the activities we make and the gastronomy do. To realize all the characters, we believe in fair trade, that’s why all the local markets, entrepreneurs, specialized guides and small business, are involved in our itineraries. They receive a worthy and fair recompensation, where you will enjoy amazing places, incredible food and also you will meet new people, learn new skills and experience different cultural perspectives. 

We invited you to meet this multicultural country full of immersive activities, diverse culture, matchless culinary experiences, and kind locals that will help you to learn on every trip.  Our country has a big potential to do sustainable activities while you have incredible experience in unique places. If you want to leave a positive impact on your next trip, we are your perfect ally to find the perfect balance between unique personalized experience and contribute to sustainability in the world. To know more about our itineraries with purpose, book a call with us to design your next adventure in Peru. 

April 15, 2024
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