Luxury culinary experience: follow our route around the most awarded restaurants in Peru

Luxury culinary experience: route around the most awarded restaurants in Peru

The Peruvian food diversity is one of the fundamental pillars of its worldwide success. Each restaurant has a seal on a different culinary experience, from the smallest local restaurant, to the most luxurious one. Because behind every plate, there is a team that does the impossible to curate a perfect gastronomic proposal, created and tested, to achieve the perfect flavor, and convey their concept through every bite.

We have it clear, Peruvian cuisine is an art form, because it needs creativity, experience, a lot of personality and talent to be in the best worldwide rankings, as the case of The World 50’s Best Restaurants, the most important organization of diversity and culinary talent of the world. For that reason, we dedicate this blog to the top awarded restaurants in our country and the people that are behind this culinary success, that fulfill us with pride.

WARNING! Foodie spoilers ahead!

Central – Virgilio Martinez 

Top #2  in the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking

Central’s immersive proposition has not only left thousands of eaters amazed, but it has also consolidates as the second best restaurant in the world. That’s why we invite you over to discover this 12 course culinary journey, called Territorio en desnivel, through 12 ecosystems that will transport you in each bite to the 3 regions of our country.

But, how does Central achieve to take a stand? The key was the creativity and the team effort that highlighted each region of our country in some plates.  The culinary experience of central makes not only love in each bite Peru, but also learn about the background of each ingredient and how each of them were fused together to create unique flavors.

Also, it is important to mention the incredible investigation work of Virgilio Martinez, his wife Pia Leon, and their team made in the investigation center Mater iniciativa, a intercultural place where they experiment new culinary creations, learn about the culture thought the products and lean on innovation projects that have a purpose.


Maido – Mitsuharu Tsumura 

Ranked #11 in the The 2022 World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking

Mitsuharu o Micha, as the locals know him, is the Nikkeis food pioneer in Peru. This type of food is a fusion between the Japanese techniques and the flavor, freshness, and diversity of the Peruvian food, making its outcome unique and innovative. In this context, Maido was born. The fusion of two cultures and their flavors, to offer the best culinary experience from each country by one kitchen.

Our recommendation is that you try the Nikkei experience, which consists of 11 courses, where the tradition of our Peruvian food merges with the eclectic Japanese cuisine; there’s no doubt that it is a perfectly made menu to not let you choose one as your favorite.

Maido holds the 11th place on the world ranking. They let everyone know that the diversity and creativity of the nikkei cuisine is one of the favorites gastronomic fusions in the world.

Mayta – Jaime Pesaque 

Top #32 in the 2022 World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking

Mayta is the result of the mix of millinery and contemporary, a fusion of the best of each region, ancestral ingredients and modern techniques, exploring Peruvian culture in each bite.  Jaime Pesaque enhanced the Andean ingredients, to make them their focus of each plate. This lets them emphasize culture and diversity of our inputs, and delivering a different level menu with a culinary experience.

As good foodies, we recommend the Yachay experience, which consists of 10 different plates where the principal concept is the knowledge focused on the harvested foods. If you want to know more about this experience, you can discover more about it here.


Finally, we will highlight the big effort of each team that makes this Peruvian culinary journey, through each gastronomic concept. It is important to mention the effort of the local markets and small producers, who contributed to the product quality used in these big restaurants.

We invite you to discover what each culinary experience can offer, in this gastronomic journey in Peru, together with us. At Peru Well Served, we personalize your trip, so you can have the freedom to choose your preferred restaurant, and complement it with different experiences in other destinations in our country, to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Remember that the reservations need to be made 3 months in advance due to availability and capacity these world renowned restaurants hold.

Did you fall in love with everything you just read? If you want to learn more about our experience and custom trips, book a call with us and get started on planning your next adventure in Peru. For daily updates on our travelers adventures, and tips and tricks we discover along the way, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

April 17, 2024
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