Peak season in Cusco: How to prepare for an amazing trip?

A lot of people would think that Cusco in peak season is only Machu Picchu, but this city has much more to offer; starting with the fact that it has so many incredibles places you might not discover in only one trip. This magical place, also known as the navel of the world, you will find unique spaces, unusual and imposing architecture and a variety of andean products that are part of the creation of innovative dishes, based on ancestral recipes. Also, the city of the Inca empires has won 4 worldwide categories of the World Travel Awards, known as the Oscars of tourism; making Cusco one of the favorite destinations for travelers worldwide.

In this peak season, our local experts have unique custom made itineraries, so you can live a tailor-made adventure that will be perfect for you.

To ensure that your stay will be safe, we follow all the safety protocols of the Peruvian government. Besides the fact this destination has a Safe Travels stamp, given in 2020, our team of specialized locals are highly capable so you can have a 100% safe and fun experience.

Our best tips 

We have some tips that will make your stay much better. First, the use of sunscreen is very important because of the altitude and weather that leads to high levels of radiation in the highlands. Second, we recommend the use of  insect repellent because of the different spaces full of green areas and mountains.

If you want to know one more thing about your day in Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world, we recommend trekking sneakers because it is very important to use comfortable footwear while you walk around the city.

The city of Cusco is located 3,400 m.s.n.m, which will cause tiredness and discomfort on the first day. For this reason, our local expert recommends drinking a lot of water and the best kept secret of the incas: the ancestral tea of coca. Also, we advise a light diet, for the first days, until your body adapts to the altitude. Remember that we are together in all your cultural experience, to keep helping you in all the things you need. Also, we have some personalized kits with basic implements that will be given at the beginning of every adventure.

Finally, if you want to buy typical souvenirs in the local markets, you need to have cash, that’s why we make sure you know that not all the small stores accept credit cards.

Let ‘s have fun!

Are you ready to be part of an immersive cultural experience, walks with unique landscapes, adventure sports and knowing all the products have been harvested by small businesses?

Today we will show you our favorite personalized itineraries, so you can enjoy the best experience in Cusco. If you are a lover of culinary experiences and mountain landscapes, we have a lot of options to tailor-make your itinerary; so you can enjoy a delicious and unforgettable experience.

Experience in the Patacancha community 

If you like vivencial tourism, this itinerary will show you the roots of the community of Patacancha, located in Ollantaytambo. In this beautiful city you could explore an immersive experience to prepare and taste a delicious pachamanca, made in a traditional underground stone oven. Also, enjoy beautiful landscapes in one the most important towns in Cusco, while you wait for a unique andean lunch.

Enjoy the imperial city of the Incas (8-9hrs)

This is an experience that no traveler should miss. If you come to the city of Cusco, you can not leave without an ancestral adventure in the city of Machu Picchu, one of the best wonders of the world and mecca of the Inca empire. This itinerary is a complete experience. First, we will travel by train to Aguas Calientes.  Second, upon arrival, you could hike up to the ruins and see all the city of Machu Picchu from one of the highest points. Later, you will enjoy delicious Peruvian food in one of the best local restaurants in the city of Aguas Calientes.

Taste the best oca wine and live the MIL experience (4hrs)

In this immersive experience, you will learn about the work of Manuel Choque, a local agronomist engineer; the creator of an innovative wine based on oca. Here you will try some varieties of this luxury liquor and you will learn the process of distillation. In order to complete this culinary experience, we will take you to MIL, a well known restaurant owned by the Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez. There you could enjoy a delicious 8 course tasting lunch menu, where you will find different andean ingredients, made with innovative techniques. All the experience will be next to an incredible view of Moray,  from the rooftop.

Adrenaline in Sacred Waters (8 hrs)

For the lovers of adrenaline and outdoor sports, we have this amazing option in the Sacred Valley. Our local host will accompany you to the Cusipata district, where some expert guides will be waiting for you and will give you all the equipment needed to do the river adventure safely. Later, during the 45 minute journey, you will enjoy a typical andean lunch to then return to the city of Cusco.

Remember that all our itineraries are designed so you could enjoy and discover the Peruvian culture, with our flavors, places, people and unique experiences. Our local experts have approved all our experiences to ensure you have a perfect itinerary. Are you planning to travel to our country? Remember if you want to have a close up to our experiences and custom journeys, you could book a call from our website or social media, to start planning your next adventure in Peru with us.

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