Sustainable Travel with Purpose and Care

Sustainable Travel with Purpose and Care

Travel has the power to generate a positive impact on travelers’ lives through transcendent experiences and memories. They also have the opportunity to positively transform the destinations and lives of the people who receive them. For us, each experience is an opportunity to share our cultures and exchange ways of seeing the world. Travel also has the power to destroy or conserve our environment, depends on how careful we are.

While I travel, will I be helping the environment and society?

Exactly! At PWS we focus on having a trip full of beautiful experiences and helping at the same time. An example is that when traveling with us you will be planting a tree -with your name- in the Peruvian Amazon and you will receive a certificate with your information and location coordinates (in case you want to visit it one day). In this way, we will be cushioning the environmental impact (carbon emissions) generated by your trip. By traveling with us you will also be collaborating with the feeding of children in areas of extreme poverty since part of our earnings are used to supply popular children’s kitchens in Lima.


Fair Trade

At PWS we work directly – and very closely – with communities and entrepreneurs to ensure that everyone involved in our experiences receives fair and dignified compensation. Products or services that we know come from illegal activities such as deforestation and human exploitation are prohibited on our itineraries.

Live an eco-friendly adventure

If you travel to Peru, it is essential to have an adventure in nature, be it on the coast, mountains, or jungle. And just as important as that is taking care of it in the process. For us, this is an unbreakable law and that is why we see how to use the least polluting resources possible in everything we do. So, if you are one of those who like to have a walk outdoors or ride a bike, then you will have a wide variety of routes that you can travel helping the environment while enjoying the view.

It’s time to pack!

If you are one of those who care about the impact it generates when traveling, you are one of us! Our purpose is to bring out memorable travel experiences while building bridges between travelers and locals to leave a mark on each of them. If you are ready to travel with us, book a video call with our travel designers. We will be happy to design an unforgettable and purposeful trip for you!

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