Travel destinations: 3 Peru places to discover with your family

Top 3 best peruvian places to discover with your family

Peru is one of the most recommended destinations to travel with family. Today we bring you a blog full of fun, culture, tradition and an essential culinary experience of our peruvian food that fits all ages and preferences.

¡Let’s start with the journey!

1st stop: Lima

  • Cook with the locals (2 – 3 hours)

If you like cooking reality shows and you always wanted to experience that, this itinerary is going to be your favorite. Lucia, our chef and host of this gastronomic adventure, will be our preruvian advisor and friend, in charge of bring us to her favorite local market, where she will show us the diversity of fruits, vegetables and peruavian species. Later, she will bring us to her home to start the parcetative class, where you will learn how to cook 3 peruvian dishes and as a bonus learn how to make a cocktail made of peruavian pisco . This experience is the favorite of the little ones because they are the ones that enjoy the process to be a chef for the day.

  • Bike ride in Barranco (3 hours)

This journey starts in the heart of Miraflores, where we will enjoy the beautiful view from the waterfront and the sculptures of our artists. Next, we will continue the route going around the bohemian streets of barranco, full of urban art and murals of artists like Eliot Tupac and Jade Rivera. Barranco is well known for the galleries, old houses, colonial restaurants and beautiful art places. There is no doubt that this journey is perfect to enjoy with your family.

2nd stop: Ica

  • Discover the Ballestas island (2 hours)

This trip destination starts with a marine adventure. We will make a trip by the historic Ballestas islands where you will see the life of the humboldt penguins. Also, we will know some unique animals that you could only find in the pacific ocean, like the sea lions and the famous guaneras birds. Finally, we will observe the famous Candelabro, an enigmatic hieroglyphic form in the icas coast sand, famous for its mysterious origin.

  • Live an adventure in the desert (4 hours)

If you are a lover of adventure and the sunset, the paracas desert will show you why this is the favorite places of the locals and the tourists. This experience has all: a tubulars ride full of adrenaline and fun, bog dunes that can be used to do sandboarding while we enjoy a spectacular view of the peruvian desert (using special protection to keep us safe). Finally we end the day with a beautiful sunset, while we enjoy a private picnic. This plan is perfect for any family that looks for a shot of adrenaline. For this itinerary we recommend having kids around 6 years old. At the same time, the speed of the tubular can be moderate so the kids enjoy it without any problem.

3th stop: Mancora

  • Emerged yourself in bahia excursion (4 hours)

If you are a lover of the sea and sun activities, this experience in the Ñuro Bahia is made for you and your family. The north of Peru is a perfect place to go on vacation with kids, because of the variety of activities they have for all ages. In this excursion we will do stand up paddle, while the giant sea turtles swim around us. Don’t worry if it is the first time doing a paddle, an instructor will help you all the time so you could live a fun and safe experience.

  • Get surprise with a Spectacular Whales spotting

If you come during July and October, you can not let pass this incredible trip destination. There’s moments that you only live once and one of them is Whales spotting in Latin america. Our adventure starts in the organos port, where our local guides will give you all the indications of the journey. Once we are overseas, we will have the possibility of seeing different sea animals such as sea lions, dolphins and sea turtles. Later on when we cover all the zones of humpback whales, we could get close to these spectacular animals in this immersive experience. Also, you could listen to the particular whales singing with hydrophones.

Remember that all our experiences have a variety of options that can be personalized with your necessities and preferences, so you could live a personalized and unique stay. We choose 3 travel destinations, close to each other, so you could combine and personalize them. Also, all our experiences are perfect for kids older than 5 years old, teenagers, young people and adults, so this way all the family can enjoy all the activities.

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