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Perú Well Served

Peru Well Served: an organization with a purpose

Peru Well Served: an organization with a purpose

Peru is home to some of the most wonderful places in the world: from giant dunes in the desert to the majestic Pacific Ocean, passing through Inca ruins, rainforests and colonial constructions. Today it is also considered one of the best culinary destinations due to its exquisite flagship dishes that are born from its great variety of inputs and its cultural diversity, the result of the influences that have come from all over the world throughout its history.

Moreover, Peru Well Served was born with the dream of presenting to the world a new way of discovering our beloved country: through gastronomic trips that allow our visitors to fully appreciate its culture. Our purpose as travel consultants is not only to make sure that you have a fun and safe vacation, but that you genuinely enjoy and immerse yourself in each of the experiences. Your personality and lifestyle are the basis for the way you decide to discover the world, and we know it: you don’t settle for an established journey, we build it together with you.

“The phrase” Peru, the richest country in the world “invites us to discover that being rich is not about having more than others; but to experience the most unforgettable moments. And these experiences begin with a trip to Peru, a place where the diversity and authenticity of culture, nature and food contain the essence of life. “

– Peru Brand

PWS goes beyond the trip itself: what really moves our team is the desire that everyone can take home a little piece of Peru, which is why our process is based on the three pillars that allow us to create an authentic and unique cultural immersion:

Peruvian gastronomy in 360 °
So you don’t miss out on anything. From local markets and artisan producers to award-winning restaurants, also food huariques and culinary workshops; you will really learn what, how and where Peruvians eat.

Local hosting

Because no one knows Peru better than a local, a member of our team will accompany you through the trip as a Peruvian facilitator, guide and friend, ensuring that you have a more lively and memorable experience.

Tailor-made trips

We will be in constant contact with you advising you so that your trip is fully designed combining gastronomic experiences with other activities that perfectly fit your profile.

In conclusion, our itineraries allow you to discover our origins and diversity through participatory experiences such as cooking classes, tastings, pairings and many other activities guided by professionals, because knowledge and memories are always the best souvenirs. For us, food is a celebration of family, relationships and life, and we want to share all of this with you! We invite you to discover our country in the style of Peru Well Served.

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