Lima: Enjoy the peruvian culture in summer

Lima: Enjoy the peruvian culture in summer

If you don’t know about Lima in summer yet, this is the perfect opportunity to discover the peruvian culture in one of the best seasons.

You will enjoy the perfect warm weather, the coasts ocean, seasonal cocktails, unique experiences in the city and of course a delicious peruvian ceviche. But, what makes this summer peak season so charming? One of the most incredible experiences in Lima, is to have a panoramic view of the coast while you enjoy a delicious sea food plate with fresh products and a pisco sour, on the rooftop of a well known restaurant. This privilege is because Lima is the only capital of South America that has a direct view to the sea, and also. is one of the most cosmopolitan cities visited in Latin America.

Another of our favorite experiences is the “The Cevichera Route”. In this route around outstandings restaurants we try different styles and varieties of the favorite dish of the peruvians: ceviche. Some would be more innovative than others but we are sure that you will discover the charm of each one. If you are into interactive gastronomics experiences, we will bring you to know the local products in a special farm market and later you will learn to make peruvian food with the help of a local chef. You will return home ready to surprise your friends and family.

Nothing of that excludes the possibility of knowing some exclusive and internationally awarded peruvian restaurants, where you will enjoy a luxury experience for all your senses.Lima is known for the diversity, good food, kind people, colonial spaces and complete cultural experiences.

Because of the worldwide sanitary emergency, the government of Lima has safety protocol to assure that our visitors have a safe experience. That’s why you do not have to forget your vaccination card (physical or virtual) with your id, because you will have to show both documents to get into public spaces, according to government provisions. Would you like to know all the activities that we have for you to personalize your next journey to Lima? Book a call with us to do a trip together full of fresh and unique experiences.

October 11, 2023
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