Top 5 restaurants in Cusco

Top 5 restaurants in Cusco

When it comes to food, being in Peru is the perfect location to enjoy this particular thing. One of the favorite gastronomic destinations of travelers is Cusco. In this wonderful Inca city, you can find many options for all tastes and budgets. Today we’re taking you on a digital tour of our 5 favorite “fine dining” restaurants with local food. The ingredients and styles may vary, but every single dish is made with a lot of love and the millenary stamp of the most important recipes of Peruvian gastronomy. Warning: this is not a ranking. We love all these places, there is no order of preference, we just wantied to share the best flavors of Cusco.


Opens: every day

Schedule: 12:30 hrs – 21:00 hrs

Cicciolina is a benchmark of modern cuisine in Cusco, it has been awarded as the best restaurant in the region several times. It is revered by Lima and foreign tourists. They start the day with generous breakfasts and close the night with a tapas bar. It stands out for a cosmopolitan gourmet menu, innovative dishes based on the Andean tradition of a thousand-year-old legacy. Let yourself be surprised by this cozy place and the exquisiteness of its dishes.


Opens: every day

Schedule: 12:30 hrs – 22:00 hrs



Local inputs and local hands are the definitions of this cuisine. Each dish highlights the flavors and colors of Peru. It is relatively new, with a nice atmosphere and very varied food, for all palates. Finish your gastronomic adventure o a high note by living an experience connected to the roots of the Andes in an innovative way and with a special selected menu. The decoration is original and rustic, perhaps the perfect place for dinner while you go up to San Blas in search of a great culinary experience.


Opens: monday to saturday

Schedule: 12:30 hrs – 20:30 hrs

This place is revered for its excellent service, all diners claim they were treated very personally. The place is simple, cozy, and intimate. You are guaranteed to have a deliciously spectacular time. Abra is a Mediterranean cuisine bistro with a Peruvian touch that reaffirms our mix and cultural variety in gastronomy. Each dish has a special touch of the wood oven and the caress of high heat. The inputs are very fresh, of high quality from the same land where its foundations are. These high-altitude Peruvian flavors are well served, feel homey, and filled with the love of home cooking.

Jacks Café

Opens: monday to saturday

Schedule: 7:00 hrs a 21:00 hrs

If you like comfort food and you are a breakfast lover, reserve a chair at this place. Start your day with a good coffee from the Cusco jungle and a homemade breakfast that is definitely served to share. No dish is small or pretentious. It is simple food, great sandwiches full of flavor that hug you in the mornings before embarking on adventures through the Inca city. Do not doubt that this site will make you smile with each bite and before finishing, you will inevitably whisper a YUM with your eyes closed.


Opens: every day

Schedule: 12:30 hrs – 21:30 hrs


Quantity and quality define Rúcula well: a delicious restaurant with a privileged view, located in a small square in San Blas overlooking the cathedral, beautiful presentations, and very good flavors. It stands out for its lomo saltado, a traditional dish based on meat, tomato, and sautéed onions accompanied by fried Andean potatoes and freshly made white rice straight from the pot. Sit at an outdoor table to enjoy the local architecture and beautiful green mountains. You will feel the affection of the rays of the sun and of the hands behind the wonderful recipes.

We cannot fail to mention how incredible it is to eat throughout the city, each space large or small, pretentious or simple, award-winning or little known, all part of the great history and love behind the local gastronomy. We are proud of our culture and what Cusco has to offer you. We guarantee that we have tried everything and if you want to tell us what your palate likes then we will design a trip tailored to the flavors you want to explore. There are many people behind a plate and we work with restaurants that respect the entire value chain. They are all important to us and welcome at any Peruvian table. Many of the experiences are not only in restaurants but also in local markets where you can choose your ingredients and eat the freshest inputs in a more spontaneous and picturesque space. Wherever you go to eat in Peru, try to be hungry and we’ll make sure that you have a well-served dish so that your heart goes away happy.

Are you intrigued by what you just read? You’re just a few steps away from booking your next trip here and going on a great foodie trip. Book a call with us and we will help you organize a great time for you and your friends in Peru.

April 15, 2024
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