Workation in Peru

Workation in Peru

Still one of those with a back wall in Zoom video calls? How about the idea of ​​swapping that little desk chair for a comfortable hammock. At the end of your work meeting, you will have a splendid view of nature, you will enjoy different experiences with local people and, above all, you will enjoy the wide and delicious Peruvian cuisine that we know that you are dying to try. Let’s work and travel with Peru Well Served!

The Workation – which comes from the union of the words “Work” and “Vacation” – two words so opposite in meaning but that they can coexist together. Imagine being able to work with a beautiful landscape and that when you finish all your work you can disconnect and live experiences as relaxing as a walk along the sea while the sun comes down. Then have dinner in a delicious restaurant and try exotic cocktails. The next morning you can stay connected to work with delicious local coffee and relaxing scenery.

Top 3 destinations

At PWS we know that to carry out your workation with peace of mind, you will need a good internet connection next to a spectacular landscape, accompanied by delicious Peruvian food. That is why we present the following destinations:

The North Beaches es el destino ideal para quienes buscan algo veraniego, fresco y sobre todo quienes aman el mar. Cumple tus horas de trabajo o entrega ese proyecto pendiente recostado en una hamaca, disfrutando de un sabroso ceviche peruano y termina el día con un chapuzón al atardecer.
The Sacred Valley Is for those who enjoy outdoor sports (bicycles, hikes, kayaks, and more) and like to relax in front of beautiful landscapes surrounded by gigantic mystical mountains. The millenary history and the cosmovision of the locals will dazzle you.
Finally, Puerto Maldonado is the best option for those who likeor are interested in the enormous Peruvian Amazon, home to the most varied and incredible flora and fauna. Going from a virtual conference to exploring the jungle, along with a delicious plate of exotic flavors, is something you cannot miss.
“Determined, I want to start my adventure.”
That’s the attitude! Work and Travel! remember that we will be happy to help you to organize your trip. Do not miss this opportunity that workation gives you to expand your horizons and get away from your desk. Prepare that elegant suit for each meeting and a couple of clothes for the adventure, because if we recommend something, it is to leave space in your luggage to return with many souvenirs from Peru.

Convert the “home office” into “Peru office” and launch yourself to live a wide experience full of relaxation, in the different destinations we have for you. We will wait for you!

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