FAQ about gastronomic journeys

FAQ about gastronomic journeys

Welcome to our list of common ask questions!
They are pretty valid questions that used to arise from the travelers after seeing our itineraries, experiences and personalized trips that we customized for you. First, let’s start defining the meaning of gastronomic tourism for us.

¿What’s the meaning of gastronomic tourism?

Gastronomic tourism is directed to people interested in the cuisine, it doesn’t matter if it is gourmet or popular. Living all kinds of gastronomics experiences that leave a social and economic positive impact is very important for the destinations. These involve a lot of people: farmers, producers, chefs, restaurants, guides, hotel team members and more. This important part of our itineraries is the reason that motivates us more in our work, because it helps us to support local communities and entrepreneurs while we create unique, memorable and safe journeys. 

We want the travelers to experience an authentic and memorable local journey during our trips. In each one of them, a local host member of our team will accompany you as a peruvian friend, enjoying the destinations, activities or restaurants that just a local knows how to get into. 

In the view of these trips, we have collected some frequent questions received throughout all our trips.  

Remember, if you have any questions about our gastronomic trips, you can find us through our all contact channels, that we are going to leave at the end of this blog. We will be pleased to help you!

Let ‘s start!

1. A gastronomic trip is just about food?

No, not all the trips are about food or any gastronomic experience. Peru has a lot more to discover, and not everyone visits this country just to eat. Our journeys included cultural experiences, of adventure or entertainment, in accordance of the traveler’s preference. 

This means that gastronomic tourism can be made by any kind of traveler: as adventurers, history lovers, the ones who come to spend time with their family, for everyone. Gastronomy is something transversal across all our experiences. 

2. ¿A gastronomic trip it’s only about eating in restaurants?

No, it’s just not about restaurants. These culinary experiences are the iceberg tip. The main objective of our team is sharing with our travelers everything behind our team. Peru would not have the incredible and internationally awarded restaurants that have without their locals and the type of land that the country has. In Peru Well Served we want that the travelers get to know where the food products they consume come, so they can appreciate the natural wealth of Peru. Likewise, we want to highlight the bright minds behind each menu and the hands that work the land, which give us the best consumables to create different dishes. 

Gastronomic tourism it’s just not about the taste of the food, also known and appreciated for the value of what we are trying.  That’s why it’s not necessary to experience direct journeys with locals and nature. 

3. ¿Can we choose the restaurant?

¡Of Course! We made the best recommendations and options to choose that fit your preference and tastes, but if you want to know a very specific restaurant, we can help you by booking a reservation with them too. Also, we have restaurants that have vegan and vegetarian menus, making that experience delicious for all our travelers. 

4. ¿Is Peru a safe place to visit?

In Peru, as in many countries of the world, it’s important to know how to use the transportation. We have very safe areas, but there are some that are not. That’s why our itineraries included the company of a local host, who knows the city very well and takes care of the safety of our travelers. As a general recommendation, the best is not to carry in hand  your phone or any type of value item, at least not at sight. Also, we have to keep your purse, backpacks and pockets close, and always be alert during all our trips, so we don’t have any incidents. 

5. ¿Visiting Machu Picchu is included in our itinerary?

¡Obviously you can visit one of the wonders of the world during your trip! We created the style that you like more, following your preference. If you are an adventurous person, doing the inca trail will be a unique experience in life. But if you are, but you don’t have a lot of time available, the inca trail express in 2 days and 1 night is the perfect option. If you are a traveler that loves to travel in a comfortable way, our luxury experience, the Hiram Bingham train is something that you can not lose. On the other hand, if you want to have a relaxing trip to discover each destination, you can visit Aguas Calientes in the regular train and enjoy a night in the beautiful town.  The visit to Machu Picchu will be the next day during the morning, without rush and crowds. 

It doesn’t matter the schedule you choose, Machu Picchu is always part of the itinerary of every trip. If you are ready to live an ancestral adventure in Cusco, we leave our blog about: How to prepare you for this adventure as a local. 

6. The trip included transportation and hotels?

¡Of course! Our PWS team will take charge of all the logistics of your trip, so you can not worry about anything. We pick you up from the airport to bring you to all your activities and experience that have been included in your schedule, always having private services. 

Regards to hotels, we work with an extensive variety of hotels so you can choose the best that fits your preference and budget. As experts in experience, we have visited each of the places to ensure the best quality and service, because you deserve it! 

7. All the destinations include cooking lessons?

This is chosen by you. If you want to have it in your itineraries, they are welcome to our schedule.  The gastronomic experience that would be included in your  trip will be the one that you choose. Remember that all our trips are designed especially for you, so you could live the experience that you enjoy the most. 

8. Are the experiences participatory?

¡This is also chosen by you! We have experience of all types: from tasting and exclusive menus, agricultural activities with the altoandinas communities to learn to sow or harvest  local products, to enjoy a millenary homemade lunch around nature and unforgettable landscapes. Also you can select between cooking lessons, a local market visitation, a cevichera route or a cocktail lesson. We give you many options, you choose the ones that you like more, having in mind the type of trip that you want.

9. ¿Will I learn about the culture and history of the tourist places?

¡Indeed! Peru is a wonderful country full of history, tradicion, culture and biodiversity. It is impossible to visit and ignore the culture of the city of Machu Picchu in Cusco, where one the most important civilization of Latin America was developed: The Incas culture.

Also, Peru have a large biodiversity of flora and fauna, which you could find in our itineraries in the peruavian jungle. In this destination you will appreciate the incredible diversity of birds that you will find in the amazon of this place: Madre de Dios. Likewise, the different species of medical plants that are used as an alternative medicine by the locals. 

All our itineraries have cultural experience and history to tell of each corner of the country so you will always learn something new with us.  

10. How to contact PWS to plan a trip?
  1. You can book a video call with one of the trip designers to talk about your preference and all the alternatives that we can offer you.
  2. Also, you can complete a form that we have on our website, with all the basic information that we need to start designing an itinerary. Later, we will send you the first option and you will do the adjustments that you want to have a perfect trip.
  3. Finally, you could contact us through Whatsapp to have a conversation about adventure. From this channel, we can resolve any doubts that you have about traveling to Peru, without any purchase commitment.
11. What payment methods do I have?

Our payment methods are very flexible, we accept all kinds of credit cards and bank transactions, so you could book any of our itineraires in an easier way. 

We hope we have answered all the questions that you have, before traveling to Peru. In case you have more, find us in our contact channels and start a new adventure. Also, if you want to learn more about each of the culinary experiences, the best hotels, restaurants, aturistic activities, culture and more, follow us on our Instagram. Are you ready to have a new adventure with us? We wait for you. 

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