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Perú Well Served

Peruvian food in the international spotlight

Peruvian cuisine has been recognized and awarded again. Thanks to the hard work of Chefs, restaurants and associations. Peru has been awarded as the best culinary destination of the world by The World Travel Awards (WTA) and Latin America’s 50 best restaurants. They have shown that innovation and tradition can work together when we talk about Peruvian food. This big fusion of the traditional, agro-diversity, cultural diversity and history that chefs have made with our gastronomy makes it remain in the best places in different international competitions this year.

Let’s remember together the World Travel Awards 2021 that have been given to Peru this year:

• World’s Leading Culinary Destination 2021: Peru
• World’s Leading Cultural Destination 2021: Peru
• World’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2021: Machu Picchu

These awards are not new for our country, some of them, like the best culinary destination, have been won by Peru for 9 years in a row. In addition, before this last competition, we kept the title of Best Destination in Latin America, winning 4 different prices in the World Travel Awards (WTA) of South America:

  • Best Culinary Destination.  Leader in South America 2021: Peru
  • Best cultural Destination. Leader in South America 2021: Peru
  • Touristic attraction leader in South America 2021: Machupicchu, Peru
  • Touristic office leader in South America 2021: PROMPERÚ

Nowadays, the sky is not the limit for peruvians. Every season the best outstanding chefs work together with some new Young talented ones that add  freshness and new ideas to the field.

On the other hand, the CEO and owner of Kjolle: Pia Leon, has brought a lot of pride to the Peruvian kitchen this year. She has been recognized as the best woman chef in the world by The World ‘s Best 50 Restaurants. This prestigious list have recognized other 16 Peruvian restaurants in the best 100 restaurants of the continent: Central (1) , Maido (2) , Astrid & Gastón(4),La Mar (13), Osso (17), Rafael  (20), Isolina (24), Fiesta (39), La picantería (46) , Kjolle(52), Mayta (56), Mil (61), Cosme (69), El mercado (71), Mérito (78) y Costanera 700 (96).


That’s how Peru stands out in different and prestigious competitions, bringing the best of Each region and fusion, and turning a visit to Peru into a unique gastronomy experience. It’s important to mention that every goal achieved by Peru comes with the creative process, hard work, testing, mistakes and effort of Peruvian citizens.So, they can keep the culinary art as a lifestyle that can be transmitted to the travelers.

These awards show the diversity that Peru has, with multicultural places and talented locals that with hard work help to win big rewards.

Let’s travel together to meet the best chefs and restaurants of Peru, which guarantees an unforgettable experience! Book a call with us to start designing a custom itinerary for you!

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